Having moved to a new, very different role in the company where I work and feeling very much out of my comfort zone, I suffered great anxiety and self-doubt – an alarming experience.

Hypnosis had never worked for me before, but Donna immediately put me at my ease and the treatment, which included a series of audio downloads, worked wonders.

My job continues to challenge me, but I now face it in a positive and optimistic frame of mind. Donna has helped to change my outlook not only on my present life, but the future too.

JT – Self Doubt & Anxiety

Donna’s hard work, listening skills and individually tailored approach means I am, and will continue to be able to say, I am a NON-SMOKER. PA – Smoking Cessation

After a traumatic birth experience, I was left feeling anxious and upset. I wanted to seek some help quickly, to avoid the event tainting what was an otherwise joyous occasion. With a single session, Donna helped me to remove the negative emotions that were causing me to feel so upset. I now look back on the birth of my son and feel nothing but pride and happiness, and for that I will be forever grateful.


Working with Donna has been great. She is calm, precise and professional and the advice that she has given and the techniques that she has provided have definitely aided with the reduction of my anxiety and as a bonus, increased my confidence.

I would highly recommend using Donna again for her cognitive hypnotherapy work.

RJ – Anxiety & Confidence

Donna’s approach and expertise was engaging and reassuring. She had a really friendly approach which put me at ease.

I came away from the sessions feeling much lighter and optimistic about the challenge I was facing. The symptoms I was experiencing seem to have lifted and a path had been cleared. I now know where to go in the future.

I definitely recommend sessions with Donna for areas in life where a helping hand is required.
Happy days!! :).

GA – Public Speaking

I cannot thank Donna enough for helping me to quit binge drinking.

I was lost and my behaviours were threatening my life and my family. Donna intuitively guided me on a journey of self discovery, working through issues that I didn’t know were related to my self destructive behaviour.
I am now free, confident and in control.

JW – Binge Drinking

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