Is the shame of your drinking making you anxious and depressed?

Are you fed up with feeling this way?

Are you ashamed and embarrassed about your drinking?

Do you want more for yourself?

Yep, me too

 I was where you are now…


That’s why I decided to take control and practise what I preached to my clients.

I was an erratic drinker. Bingeing sometimes, not drinking, only drinking on weekends, only one or two glasses a night. I was exhausted and felt rubbish all the time.

It was embarrassing for me to admit that I might have a problem, I was ashamed that I had no control over alcohol. After all, everyone else seems to have it sorted…there must be something wrong with me, right?

Wrong! We are led to believe that there is nothing wrong with alcohol. Actually, it’s a highly addictive substance and once our brain decides to remember that it’s the soother of all your anxiety, backed up with a life time of conditioning that it’s a ‘normal’ way to have fun, pass the time, celebrate and commiserate, that’s when it controls us.

I’m a mum, wife and therapist and to be totally honest my drinking was getting the better of me.

It took me years to get off the awful cycle of booze, shame, booze shame but I did it, and so can you and I am going to guide and teach you how.

How I can help

I’ve put together a very special group programme so you can break the cycle now and start living.

I would love for you to join me on this 5-week small group programme especially designed to give you the confidence to stop drinking alcohol.  I’ll happily be your guide and be beside and together, we will banish the shame and take back the control that alcohol took from you.

I will use all my training as a therapist, my own experience and tried and tested result from many happy clients.

I have an fantastic introductory offer of £199, the next one starting in January will be £250.

The first step is to book a no obligation chat to check we are right for each other. 


“I thought that quitting drinking was going to be difficult but I’m really surprised at how the tools and techniques you taught me have made it quite easy.”

Why Small Group Coaching?

Small Group Coaching – Provides a judgement-free safe space with like minded souls. Together we can explore those limiting beliefs and heal the core wounds that drove us to drink in the first place through:



In understanding what’s really going on. Gain insights into our behaviours and thoughts around alcohol and why its making you unhappy. Its about developing an understanding of your needs and how to get them without self-sabotage.



Putting healthier habits in place, practicing them and setting new challenges.

Achieving small milestones and celebrating them together to create a happy, healthy, successful life full of pride and that wonderful feeling of achievement.


Connection, Support and Accountability

Sometimes we need help to stay on track and
this is where the private Facebook group community will help you with unconditional
support and motivation to help you stay focussed, big you up when you need it and vent or yell something out…. just because its what you needed in the moment.

Book A Free Consultation


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“I knew that my drinking was a sticking plaster covering an emotional wound. You helped me build the confidence to rip that plaster off and heal the wound. It hurt but it was worth it. Everything else has fallen into place since and I am happy to say that I haven’t had a drop of alcohol for six months”

— MJ

“I thought that quitting drinking was going to be difficult but I’m really surprised at how the tools and techniques you taught me have made it quite easy. I really don’t think about drinking much at all now. It’s there somewhere in the background – thanks to all the years I had thought it was a normal thing to do and all the advertising of course but it doesn’t have any importance in my life anymore thanks to you”

— JF

“I am now 49 days sober; my GP says things are improving, in such a short time! Thank you for all your help. Healthwise I’m not in the clear yet but I have less anxiety and I have hope and that’s what is keeping me going”