Healing from the inside out…


I’m Donna and I’ve been exactly where you are… I had the perfect life from the outside but inside I was secretly suffering with a feeling of lack and ‘not enoughness.’

Healing from the inside out…


Have you tried yoga, breathwork, veganism, alcohol free life and yet…


People who doubt themselves and don’t feel ‘good enough’ often try all these things (and more!) to help them feel better.

But sometimes these are just distractions and coping mechanisms and eventually they stop working.

I help people who don’t feel good enough. A lot of them have these coping mechanisms:

– procrastination

– putting on a front

– try to make everything perfect

– feeling like they don’t fit in

– feeling unappreciated or unacknowledged

– feeling anxious but don’t understand why

– playing small


I help you to find and heal what is creating all this so you can:


– Feel better than good enough

– Be fulfilled, alive and successful

– Feel like anything is possible

– That you can finally be yourself

– Enjoy a calm, authentic life

If you are seeking to become ‘enough’ then let me take you there.
Why me?

5 years ago I had everything I thought I needed to be happy but I was still searching for a feeling I just couldn’t find.  I had a good relationship, a lovely family and home and yet… I was scrambling & striving for more when I didn’t really know what more was.

What was wrong with me??

Over the last 5 years I’ve discovered that it didn’t matter what I achieved, I wasn’t going to feel happy unless I addressed the root cause of my suffering.

I thought that because I didn’t have any ‘big trauma’ in my life I didn’t have any excuse not to be happy. But even with loving parents and a happy upbringing you can misinterpret things which lead to carrying hidden trauma through everything you do.

But the good news is that trauma can be healed and it’s possible to find the joy in your life and relationships. And it’s much easier than you might think, I’m proof! 

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I was lost and my behaviours were threatening my life and my family. Donna intuitively guided me on a journey of self discovery, working through issues that I didn’t know were related to my self destructive behaviour.
I am now free, confident and in control.