It really sucks, doesn’t it?




The overwhelming worry, unrealistic fears, obsessive compulsive behaviours.  That feeling when you know you’re capable of doing that thing but something is holding you back.

What about the self-sabotage? Just when you get close to what you really want, there you go and mess it up again, and again –  and you don’t know why!

It can feel like life will never be the same again – as if something else is in control of you.

Yep – that’s anxiety.

It’s important to understand that it is completely natural to feel anxious… some of the time. Its part of our survival mechanism. We wouldn’t live long if anxiety didn’t stop us from taking large and dangerous risks. But too much anxiety can be a problem when it gets out of control.

When you have anxiety constantly and it starts to make your world smaller through avoiding situations, then this is when it is becoming unhealthy. Living in a constant state of anxiety impacts us emotionally, mentally and physically.

The way you feel about things comes from the pictures you create in your imagination and the words that you tell yourself.

Anxiety is future based, its living in the ‘what if…’ which means that we are using our mind to imagine scary future situations that may not happen and reinforcing these ‘what-ifs’ with our self-talk.

Just think about that for a moment. What fantastic imaginations people with anxiety have that their mind produces such vivid images inducing powerful feelings that allows the mind to believe that the danger or risk is happening now and so kick staring the fight, flight or freeze response.


Our mind believes what we imagine, it believes what we say to ourselves – but it cannot tell the difference between real or imagined.

So, imagine how it could be if instead of using your imagination in ways that end up with you feeling negative or anxious, you could use it to achieve the opposite and create feelings of calmness, comfort, confidence and safety. Imagine how it would feel to cope with and to even enjoy life’s challenges and to start each day feeling relaxed and grounded.

My approach is specifically tailored to communicate with your amazing and imaginative unconscious mind through Cognitive Hypnotherapy – bringing relief from anxiety by getting your unconscious to change the thoughts that create the negativity in the very first instance.

Working with Donna has been great. She is calm, precise and professional and the advice that she has given and the techniques that she has provided have definitely aided with the reduction of my anxiety and as a bonus, increased my confidence.

I would highly recommend using Donna again for her cognitive hypnotherapy work.

RJ – Anxiety & Confidence

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