Healing from the inside out…




Self Doubt?

Not Good Enough?


You’ve tried everything and yet…

Healing from the inside out…



Self Doubt?

Not Good Enough?



You’ve tried everything and yet…


Your anxiety, overwhelming thoughts and feelings keep showing up again and again even though you’ve done all the things that should make you feel good about yourself and so…

You doubt yourself

You blame and shame yourself

You put on a front

You stay small

You try to make everything perfect

and I’m guessing that you are exhausted from it all!



I help people who are ready to work at a deeper root cause level and heal the emotional turmoil from the inside out so that they…

Feel more than good enough

Feel fulfilled, alive, successful and significant

Feel like anything is possible

Finally be at peace within

And enjoy a calm, authentic life

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If you want to banish self-doubt and finally be ‘enough’ then let me guide you through your journey to transformation.

Hi, I’m Donna

Are you holding yourself back because of anxiety, overwhelming thoughts and emotions, self-doubt and a massive lack of confidence?

I help people just like you to stop managing anxiety, overwhelm and self-doubt and begin to heal what is creating it at a deeper level so you can lead your life, not be led by difficult emotions and thoughts that have created unhealthy and debilitating behaviours.

As a trauma informed therapist, therapy sessions involve looking in detail at what is happening internally which is an important step toward change


“The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.” 

Chauncey Depew

I can help with...

Emotional Mastery

Reconnecting with yourself.        Achieve complete mind – body connection, emotional stability and mental clarity.

Anxiety Release

Freedom from the emotional, mental and physical symptoms of anxiety and greet each day resiliant and confident.

Healing Trauma

From the inside out. Finding and healing the pains of the past, releasing fears and internal conflict.

I was lost and my behaviours were threatening my life and my family. Donna intuitively guided me on a journey of self discovery, working through issues that I didn’t know were related to my self destructive behaviour.
I am now free, confident and in control.


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I offer a free, no obligation phone or video consultation to give you the opportunity to explain what you would like to achieve and discuss how I can help you do that. Let’s chat, if I can’t help, I may well know someone who can. You can get in touch with me by clicking the button below to send me an Email or by calling me on 07940 114 409.